Mercedes Benz

Dealer Awards

The client had two design directions, one was black monolith - they were open to silver accents and the other direction was a crystal/clear design with etched car logos. Phase one of designs can be seen below. In both direction the Mercedes logo had to stand out. As always I studies the brand extensively and searching for inspiration in both their branding and their dealership setups from the overall architectural look to the interior design. Chosen design can be seen above (to the right is the actual product photographed and to the left the 3D rendering) Phase one of design process can be seen in the collage below. The evolution of the design can be seen the client choose design one seen with the silver front bevel but wanted to eliminate the bevel. (i couldn't decide if i wanted to present it withe or without the bevel but i chose the bevel for the first round and left it up client feedback) 


Final design can be seen below and they wanted a variety of heights to represent different levels, hence that was shown with the respective measurements.​  |  Tel: 917-470-6375

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