Movies for Grown Up Awards 

                   All design briefs before they are sent to me go through a channel. The sales team collects all the design information from the client - sends it to the CEO and then the brief comes to me. In which case I receive a clear direction or have the ability to create things from scratch. In this case, direction was simple they wanted an award that represented a ticket like their logo and non crystal. I always sketch ideas and the ones In really like i explore further in 3D cause I feel like some ideas from sketch to 3D can loss their dynamic. My inspiration here was their logo along with the context of the award. The design they chose can been seen below along with wire-frames. It was one of those ideas that I loved but took a while to execute cause i really wanted a modern twist cause a ticket is so flexible but at the same time i really wanted the award to not look like a ticket. i wanted an elegant modern award with motion cause its films, but keeping the logo in mind. Additional ideas in their brief can be seen below. i wanted to create both cast pieces and fabricated

You can see how precise the 3D design is to the actual physical award Viola Davis is holding. To the left you can see the first round of designs. Everything is always sketched out before moving forward to 3D modeling. 

To the left you can see phase to and it evolution. Client is narrowing ideas dawn wants see to copy on base to visualize how it would look on the trophy as well as finishes.​  |  Tel: 917-470-6375

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