Mini Cooper

The client wanted a trophy design that was geometric and brand inspired. 
After extensive study on my end from the client's brief, the Mini Design Philosophy, some pages can be seen below, and the history of the brand. I got inspired from geometric forms, simplicity, movement - like Mini Car curves, accents and nature all were the source to create a simply and striking functional form. Unless specified in the brief I only use specific colors, hence first round of designs you can see were silver with black accents and I added some white cause its pure like nature. The final design along with wire-frames can been seen above and below. Second round when i received feedback from the Creative Director at MINI you can see the evolution of color - super cool! 


Mini Design Philosophy below

Phase one of designs you can see the evolution of the chosen design, super cool, no?!! 

Phase two of designs you can see the collection below (click for more views) after new feedback from MINI's creative director I added more designs and color accents - it's so cool to see the original designs evolution.​  |  Tel: 917-470-6375

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