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PewDiePie Brofist

(award created for hitting 50 million on his youtube channel)


PewDiePie (for hitting 50 million on his youtube channel)

The design process was speedy due to the manufacturing and delivery of the award. The sales team and client needed the design to be ready before PewDiePie hit 50 million, which was tight. The award, in this case, had to be designed in a way to be machined and not cast for a fast and quick turn around—the initial direction was to create a ruby type award or a more realistic bro-fist. I also included an extruded version of his logo, which ended up being the final choice. We also showed how the award would fit into a wooden box. 

To the left, you can see  PewDiePie holding the award and the box. We also created a mini bro-fist for fans and a dog tag.

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