True Inspiration Awards Chick Fli-A

Trophy Design

The goal in this project was to design their new award. Inspiration was gained from their brand, its colors, flames and fire. 

I thought of modern  elegant sculpture that could denote all this is an award.

 The first four images are the rendering for the final design and the collage below showcase all the initial concepts. In the initial round the feedback was to not incorporate too much color so staying more black/gold until the client reviewed the first round. You can see the evolution of the base. This design as a rare case where the chosen design went over budget but due to how much they loved the design they wanted to move forward with the idea and the second round was changing base and showing multiple colors for the client to choose.   

The collage below displays all the designs shown in the first round of the brief. I am always working on more than one project hence timing is very crucial because you need to chose between making sure all the sketches that you think are strong designs will be show and eliminating the sketches that you think wont work.​  |  Tel: 917-470-6375

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