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The Voice

Trophy re-design

The client wanted to re-design their award based on their new branding.  They wanted a design that was modern and leveraged the “V” shape from their logo. They wanted silver as the primary color and black as the base, and they were open in exploring with the combination of shiny silver and brushed silver at 13” tall. 
I started studying The Voice’s branding and getting inspired by different concepts that had to do with music, like sound waves, microphones, textures, and the idea of teamwork, growth, and coaching to showcase a blend of complex, modern, and simple designs. 
The process is studying, sketching, and trail in error in CAD. The process is visually detailed below. The final design is in the first slide deck, along with wireframe images from CAD. 

 The polygon design is the notion of a diamond in the raw like you are a talent in the making. 

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